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Our Mumayz oud collection is the best of both worlds. We have gathered all our best sellers in a beautiful briefcase suitable as a gift for a loved one or for your own personal use. With a complimentary censer and tongs...
787.50 AED
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This box is from the house of Khas Oud. It will surely mesmerize you with its fragrances consisting of Ruby, Topaz, Icona, Fayroz, and Kahraman..
939.75 AED
Ex Tax:895.00 AED
This box is from the house of Khas Oud. It will surely mesmerize you with its fragrances consisting of Al tafaol, Al mahebba, Al ikhlas, Al saada, and Al ejabiah...
971.25 AED
Ex Tax:925.00 AED
Al Zaeem
Hot -30 %
This is a floral woody and oriental fragrance from Khas Oud that opens with the smooth, refined and sweet note of the majestic Taif rose. In the heart notes it becomes passionate and alluring under the warm touches of saffron and amber with background elements of the mysterious oud. The sweet, delic..
356.48 AED 509.25 AED
Ex Tax:339.50 AED
Check out our Almalika Balqis fragrance! This fruity perfume with fresh and spicy black pepper along with fruit and yummy berries will amaze you. The earthy patchouli with its exotic and bittersweet warmth forms an elegant and natural union with the rich, musty woody-nutty scent of oud! Its sense of..
180.08 AED 257.25 AED
Ex Tax:171.50 AED
 It is a gorgeous blending of amber, oud and saffron. This mysterious and evocative fragrance also contains sweet and earthy notes of patchouli. Ambery carries the sweet, warm and a deeply satisfying woody powdery note with it. This is for the adventurous and for those who are into the exotic o..
180.08 AED 257.25 AED
Ex Tax:171.50 AED
Asehab Alsaadeh
New -30 %
Introducing ASEHAB ALSAADEH, opening up with a bright, vibrant and cheerful citrusy touch. Iris rose, musk and oud is masterfully blended to give out the mysteries and captivating aroma of ancient woods and delicate fragrance of flowers. It is an elegant and noble fragrance which has captured all th..
396.90 AED 567.00 AED
Ex Tax:378.00 AED
This box is from the house of Khas Oud. It consists of fragrances such as Alzaeem spray, Breeze, Najmaty, Alzaeem lotion, Qamary lotion, Khlby lotion, Dokhoon subhia and Dokhoon alzaeem...
2,572.50 AED
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New -30 %
Breeze is an oriental fragrance which features notes of orange, fruits, vanilla and amber. The opening is citrusy and fresh which quickly gives way to a smooth and comforting note of vanilla together with the amber note which is warm and powdery. This sweet, smooth and comforting fragrance is lovely..
253.58 AED 362.25 AED
Ex Tax:241.50 AED
New -30 %
Khas Oud is offering CLOUDY. It features scents of bergamot, jasmine, musk and tobacco. This fragrance opens with a fresh and citrusy note and the jasmine makes its presence felt with its rejuvenating and energizing aroma! Tobacco gives this fragrance a rich, warm and sweetish touch. This beautiful ..
180.08 AED 257.25 AED
Ex Tax:171.50 AED
Dhen oud Abdulla
New -20 %
The house of Khas Oud is offering a unique dhen oud, ABDULLA. It features scents of oud syoffi. So soothing and relaxing that it will lift your spirits. Abdulla is a luxurious, opulent and stunning dhen oud!..
420.00 AED 525.00 AED
Ex Tax:400.00 AED
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