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About Us

Khas oud and perfumes company was established in the Emirate of Sharjah in 2011. The idea originated with a group of creative and eager people to achieve the best achievements in the perfume world. That how was the creation of the luxury brand. Our brands are characterized by the purity and quality of their natural ingredients. Our experts select these ingredients with extreme precision and care to the highest standards. The company started its business in the Emirate of Sharjah and then expanded its branches covering the country's markets and Riyadh market. The number of branches has so far reached 6 branches, which is: 

  1.  Al Ain Mall branch.    
  2.  Dubai Mall branch.  
  3.  Fujairah City Center Branch
  4. Wasit 
  5.  Riyadh ( harvy nicols)

This spread was achieved with the help of God and according to a well thought out plan that suits the needs of the local market and seeks to enter the International markets to proudly spread the UAE brand to all over the world. Director General's speech: Our beginnings and history are made by our hands and we seek through our firmness of work and distinguished by what we offer to provide a luxurious and elegant fragrance. The beginning was not easy, but the determination and will were present and strongly. We decided in Khas oud and perfume, and we are moving forward that we will succeed regardless of the difficulties and the competition. Our success is based on the originality of what we provide. Arif Mohamed Hassan El Sherif  


The top is our place, and our artistic sense of flower scent and the nature fragrant with our strong determination will lead us to it.


In Khas oud and perfume, we strive to provide the aromatic Arab spirit with the essence of every bottle of perfume our customers acquire to give them a sense of pride, strength and creative harmony with nature. We will enhance each perfume bottle Uniqueness and distinguish to be worthy of the trust of our customer. Principles and values ​​,,,, We believe that the basis for successful work is the ability to satisfy our customers by providing them the highest standards. Therefore, we are keen to have an integrated work team characterized by honesty and sincerity.where the company is working continuously to raise the job satisfaction of each of its work team through motivation, training and development and create a balance between work and personal life. The idea of ​​choosing a brand name "khas Oud and Perfumes" Since ancient times, the private perfumes were unique and their prices are high, and they are used by special people, taste lovers, and special feeling. Traders have a prominent role in spreading and spreading the culture of perfumes from one country to another. The perfumers “who make perfumes" often produce exquisite and distinguished types of perfumes for princes, kings and sultans. The smell is special and exclusive to the king or the prince or the person whose perfume was created in a private way, including the culture of privacy in the perfume. Each of these people smell specially made for him and it is expressed as a special idea for the oud and perfumes came to represent the privacy of precious and special types of the best Types Arabic perfumes and lute and to be a message for each one of our clients through his Distinguish by using the best type of Arabic aromatic scents. Our experts are fully aware of your need to acquire and use the character of privacy and excellence and the connection of each individual to a particular environment, in addition to his personality and our creativity to meet and take into account all the criteria that determine the needs and desires of customers.  


  1. Perfumes: We offer our customers a variety of the finest perfumes to suit their tastes and needs.
  2. Dokhon: We produce in a khas oud and perfume factory the best types of Dokhon that fit the market environment in which we are located and the tastes of society.
  3. Scented Oud: We choose to manufacture the best types of oud wood in addition to essential oils and natural amber to be our product is matchless in the market competitors.
  4. Oud Oil: Our manufacturing experts put special touches to make our oud has a special character for the taste of the distinctive oud.
  5. Arab mixers: We have a mix of mixtures with the composition of the taste of the original Arab and rely on the best natural materials in these mixtures.
  6. Body Lotion: We have in khas oud & perfume company body Lotion and it`s the same scent of fragrance, our customers can get the fragrance and body Lotion with the same smell, which increases the unique character of stability and beauty.
  7. Oud: We always strive to be the types of pure oud offered to our customers are the best types and best quality.