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Best sellers

Oud Mubakhar Retaj
Best seller -20 %
The house of Khas Oud is offering a unique oud mubakhar, RETAJ. It features scents of oud mobakhar with amber. So soothing and relaxing that it will l..
428.40 AED 535.50 AED
Ex Tax:408.00 AED
Best seller -30 %
Khas Oud brings you a unique fragrance, NAJMATI. Consisting of black pepper, iris rose and oud. This fragrance is fresh and spicy, yet also giving way..
327.08 AED 467.25 AED
Ex Tax:311.50 AED
Al Zaeem
Best seller -30 %
This is a floral woody and oriental fragrance from Khas Oud that opens with the smooth, refined and sweet note of the majestic Taif rose. In the heart..
356.48 AED 509.25 AED
Ex Tax:339.50 AED
Best seller -30 %
Introducing KHASOUD to the house of Khas Oud. This unique fragrance consists of black pepper, sunflower and oud. It opens with a pleasant, fresh, eart..
349.13 AED 498.75 AED
Ex Tax:332.50 AED
Ibtasimi is a warm and oriental scent from the house of Khas Oud. It has fragrance notes of lavender, patchouli and oud. The sweet, dark and earthy no..
180.08 AED 257.25 AED
Ex Tax:171.50 AED
Qatar Al Nadha
Best seller -30 %
A refreshing fruity oud fragrance is what we all need! TRY out our new Qatar Al Nadha perfume which gives a rich and complex scent to it! Adding a swe..
253.58 AED 362.25 AED
Ex Tax:241.50 AED
The house of Khas Oud is offering a unique dhen oud, ABDULLA. It features scents of oud syoffi. So soothing and relaxing that it will lift your spirit..
420.00 AED 525.00 AED
Ex Tax:400.00 AED
Want to get in the Spirit of UAE? Try out the new Khas Oud fragrance with its finest Cambodian and Seoufi oud aroma. It is sweet and spicy in the begi..
459.38 AED 656.25 AED
Ex Tax:437.50 AED
Shaykha Meznh
Best seller -30 %
This special SHAYKHA MEZNH is from the house of Khas Oud. Offering a lovely cinnamon, lavender, oud and musk fragrance scent to open up with a warm an..
474.08 AED 677.25 AED
Ex Tax:451.50 AED
 Mumayz Oud Box
Out Of Stock
Our Mumayz oud collection is the best of both worlds. We have gathered all our best sellers in a beautiful briefcase suitable as a gift for a loved on..
787.50 AED
Ex Tax:750.00 AED